I’m Thankful Some Things Don’t Last

bible mediumHow many times have you asked someone about their vacation, only to hear them say, “It was great, only one problem – it ended too soon?”  Have you ever asked someone about his weekend and heard him say, “It was too short”?  Some things just seem to end sooner than we would like!

Some things may end too soon, but I am glad some things are brief (or, at least, relatively so).  I appreciate the fact that some things do not last. John wrote, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Revelation 21:4).  The tears we shed, the death we mourn over, the sorrow we feel and the pain we endure will one day all end.

Today, I am thankful the travails of life on earth are passing; while the blessings of heaven are eternal

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