And the People Said Amen

A great lesson can be learned from Nehemiah 8:1-12. The people gathered as one man. Unity among God’s people is as important today as it was in Nehemiah’s day. The people wanted Ezra to “bring the book,” indicating they had a desire to hear God’s word.

Attention was given to God’s word. The Bible will be of benefit to us today only if we pay attention to what we read, realizing it can be understood.

Consider their attitude. The people stood, indicating they had an attitude of reverence toward the word of God. Ezra blessed the Lord, meaning he praised, or spoke well of, the Lord.

Consider their awareness. The people mourned when they were convicted of their sin. They had neglected God’s restrictions concerning marriage. They had failed to keep the Sabbath. They had forsaken God’s house. But God’s word was also able to bring them joy, just as it is able to bring us joy today.