Be All You Can Be!

The Army’s slogan “Be All You Can Be” was first used in 1981 and lasted for twenty years before the last ad ran in January of 2001.  Advertising Age named it the best ad campaign of the 20th century.    Now it’s making a comeback.  The old slogan will roll out in March, 2023.

I appreciate our country’s military.  I really do.  But it’s not the Army that can make you all you can be.  Thousands of years ago, the wise man Solomon searched for life’s meaning in wealth and every pleasure of life and found the only life with real purpose was a life of following God.  Today, people still search for life’s meaning in wealth, earthly pleasure, recreation, their career, even status in society. 

But today, as in Solomon’s day, none of us will ever be all we can be until we live a life of devotion to God.  The wise man Solomon wrote, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole of man.”  Ecclesiastes 12:13.  Be all you can be – Be a Christian