God Will Leave the Light On For You

Most of us remember the Motel 6 commercials with Tom Bodet.  Tom would end each commercial with the line – “We’ll even leave the light on for ya.”  The phrase was his way of saying, “You are always welcome here.”

You remember the parable of the prodigal son in Luke chapter 15.  The son asked for his inheritance and, after receiving it, wasted it.  He soon found himself broke.  He decided to go back home and ask his father if he could be one of his servants.

When the prodigal returned, his father did not give him a stern rebuke.  He did not greet him with a good “tongue lashing.”  No, none of that!  Instead, the father welcomed him back with open arms.  This was a time to celebrate! That’s the way t I with our heavenly father. God is always ready to welcome back one who has gone astray but longs to return.  He is always ready to welcome us back with open arms.  I guess you could say that God will leave the light on for you.