Don’t Let Your Roots Grow Too Deep!

Imagine someone living in several towns over a period of only a few years.  Maybe he was in the military and was stationed at a number of bases in various parts of the world.  They look forward to the time when they can “put down roots.”  To “put down roots” simply means to move to a place where you want to live and settle down.  You make new friends and become involved in new activities there so that it starts to feel like home. 

Does that sound like a good idea to you?  Maybe.  But I would add this one caution: don’t allow your roots to grow too deep, for you will not be here very long! R

We are merely pilgrims on this earth. I Peter 2:11. We are sojourners, passing through this life for a brief time. James 4:14. No wonder we sing the song, “This World in Not My Home, I’m Just Passing Through.” Don’t let your roots grow too deep.  Someday, it will be time to pull them up and move on.