There’s No Such Thing as Just Another Day!

Have you ever met someone at the end of the day and asked them, “How was your day today,” only for them to respond, “Oh, it was just another day.” The phrase, “It was just another day” seems to minimize the significance of the day. It seems to express the thought that the day was somewhat trivial with nothing special about it. There is no such thing as “Just Another Day” in God’s eyes, nor should there be in ours.

Because life is a blessing from God, each day that extends our life is also a blessing from God. Each new day we face presents us with wonderful opportunities – opportunities we will only be given for that one particular day.

Think about it; each day is another day to: Enjoy God’s Blessings – James 1:17, Feed on God’s Word by Studying the Scriptures – James 1:22, Enjoy the Beauty of the World Around You – Psalm 19:1, Talk to God in Prayer – I Thessalonians 5:17, Talk to Someone About the Grace of God – Romans 3:24, Invite Someone to Study the Bible With You – II Timothy 2:2, Invite Someone to Worship With You This Coming Sunday – Psalm 29:2, Pray to God and Ask Him to Forgive You of Your Wrongs – Matthew 6:12, Ask Someone You Have Wronged to Forgive You – Matthew 5:23-24, Forgive Someone Who Has Wronged You – Matthew 6:14-15, Give Help to Someone Who Needs It – Matthew 25:31-46, Thank God for His Blessings – Luke 17:11-19, Raise Your Voice and Praise God in Song – James 5:13, Tell Someone How Much You Appreciate Them and How Much You Are Glad to Know Them – Proverbs 27:17, Thank Someone for Something They Have Done for You – Philippians 1:3, Pray for Your Preacher. Thank God for What He Does and Ask God to Give Him Success in Doing God’s Work – II Thessalonians 3:1, Call an Old Friend You Haven’t Seen in Awhile – Proverbs 17:17, Mail a Get Well Card to Someone Who Isn’t Feeling Well – Matthew 25:36.

You see, there’s really no such thing as “Just another day,” because when God gives us another day, He gives us another day filled with wonderful opportunities that will only come our way once. Don’t let them pass you by!