Hell, A Most Unpopular Topic

Hell.  Not a popular topic, I know.  But too important for any of us to ignore.  It’s the place where Satan will be along with all his angels.  Matthew 25:41. It’s a place where those who do not Know God and do not obey the gospel will experience everlasting destruction. II Thessalonians 1:8. It’s a place lukewarm Christians will inhabit.  Revelation 3:16. Hell is a place where those who were once faithful Christians but have become unfaithful will spend eternity.  II Peter 2:20-22. It is a place where punishment will continue day and night forever. Revelation 20:10. Hell will be without end.  Matthew 25:46. Contrary to what you often hear, hell is a place where the majority of people will spend eternity.  Matthew 7:13-14.

I don’t want anyone to go to hell.  If you haven’t already done so, I plead with you to repent of your sins, confess your faith in Jesus Christ and be baptized, at which time God will forgive you of your sins and add you to His church.  I plead with you to live a life of faithfulness to God and one day have a home in heaven.