Which Church?

    In Acts chapter two, we read that 3,000 souls were added to the Lord’s church when they heard and believed the gospel, repented of their sin, confessed their faith and were baptized in order to receive the forgiveness of their sin.   To what church were they added?  Certainly, they were not added to any of the denominations that exist today, for none of these denominations existed at the time the events of Acts two took place.  Can you imagine Paul being a Baptist, Peter a Methodist and Luke a Presbyterian?  Such confusion would not be acceptable to God then; and it is not acceptable to God today.

    The phrase “church of Christ” isn’t so much a name for the Lord’s church as it is a description of His church.  The words “of Christ” indicate ownership – it belongs to Christ.  He built it.  He purchased it with His blood. 

    The church of Christ today is not a denomination – remember, these were started by men.  The church of Christ today is simply a continuation of the New Testament church that had its beginning in Acts chapter two – the only place where salvation can be found.

    I invite you to break loose from the shackles of denominationalism and become a part of Christ’s church today.  Romans 16:16 – “The churches of Christ salute you!”