God Will Leave the Light on For You

PorchLightMotel 6, a hotel franchise with over a thousand locations, may be best known for its series of commercials with National Public Radio personality Tom Bodett, who closed every ad with the line “We’ll Leave the Light On For You.”  The phrase simply means, “You are always welcome here.”

Can we also say that God will “leave the light on for us?”  As illustrated by the father in Luke 15:20, God is always ready to welcome back one who has gone astray but longs to return.  Someone might think, “Oh no!  God would never take me back after what I’ve done!”  Friends, I disagree with that sentiment just as strongly as I can!

When the prodigal returned, his father did not give him a stern rebuke.  He did not greet him with a good “tongue lashing.”  Not at all!  The father welcomed him back with open arms.  His attitude was “let us eat and be merry.”

And so it is with our heavenly Father.  He is always ready to welcome us back with open arms.  God will leave the light on for us!

Rod Halliburton

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